May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Strong prospects in Asean, but firms face hurdles to regional expansion: survey

COMPANIES are keen to tap the growth prospects in Asean, but find it tough to overcome regulatory barriers, identify...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Porsche sales in Singapore kick into high gear

THE good run that Porsche had last year has spilled over into this year - with its first-quarter sales in Singapore...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Deep understanding of Asean is key to seizing opportunities: panellists

CONTRARY to popular belief, China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) consists of more than just large-scale,...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Improved aviation infrastructure needed to spur growth in Asean, says Liew Mun Leong

ECONOMIC growth in Asean countries can be accelerated if more is done to improve their infrastructure within the region...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Iswaran in Paris to deepen France, Singapore innovation and tech links

MINISTER-IN-CHARGE of Trade Relations S Iswaran is visiting Paris this week as part of the France-Singapore Year of...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Wan Azizah leads Cabinet in swearing-in ceremony

DEPUTY Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail led a line-up of 13 Cabinet ministers in taking their oath of office,...
May 19, 2018 05:50 AM

Taking on the big boys

AN ASSORTMENT of sandwiches and bite-sized Danish pastries have turned cold outside a small conference room in an...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Why Singapore remains a role model for managing national savings

RECENT news about Middle Eastern governments redesigning the institutional architecture of their sovereign wealth funds...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Singapore adopts national e-invoice system

SINGAPORE has adopted its own national e-invoice system based on a widely-used European standard, as the government...


May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Brokers' take

We are now more positive on Singapore Airlines (SIA) than any time over the past three years. We believe the increase...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Greenback surges to five-month highs

THE US dollar rallied to a five-month high on Monday as relief over the fading risks of an outbreak in China-US trade...
May 22, 2018 05:50 AM

Markets perk up on US-China trade talks

A THAW in trade tensions between the United States and China lent hope to local equities on Monday, although some of...
May 21, 2018 05:28 PM

Malaysia: Shares close lower on Monday

MALAYSIA share prices closed lower on Monday with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index down 0.92 point...
May 21, 2018 05:23 PM

Singapore shares close up by 0.54% on Monday

ASIAN equities were lifted on Monday by a thaw in trade tensions between the United States and China.


May 18, 2018 05:50 AM

Colin Goh

IN 1991, Colin Goh was a young aspiring producer determined to have a career in the arts.
May 18, 2018 05:50 AM

Old trades, new trends

In an age where most people live in a throwaway society, and anything bright, new and shiny is preferred, it is hard to...
May 18, 2018 05:50 AM

Only Onigiri

This mainstay of the Japanese convenience store - rice balls stuffed with different fillings and shaped into seaweed...



Crystal ball gazer

At Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work, Benjamin Pring helps clients see what technology is bringing in their fields, and points them to what they should be focusing on.

A dose of tech in healthcare

Philips made its name in consumer electronics but has since reshaped itself into a global health technology player. Caroline Clarke, chief executive of Philips Asean Pacific, talks about the company's efforts to improve the lives of three billion people each year by 2025.

The real deal

In today's post-truth world, having an authentic message or story has never been more important for businesses and for brands, says Weber Shandwick president Gail Heimann.

Insuring the insurers

Swiss Re chairman Walter Kielholz sheds light on his industry, one that's hardly known outside the insurance sector, and shares about the risks that he's very wary of.


FAMILY businesses have a reputation - deserved or not - for being slow to change. And Singapore's entire tyre industry is, in a sense, a "family business".
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